In its second annual report card, Clear Choices Campaign has named DC Health Link—the IdeaCrew-built technology that powers DC Health Benefit Exchange (DCHBX)—the country’s top health benefit exchange.

According to Clear Choices, DC Health Link ranked first overall, scoring 92 out of a possible 100 points. The District’s exchange ranked best-in-class in six of eight main features evaluated.  DC Health Link topped the list scoring 92 points, while the average website scored 66 out of 100.

IdeaCrew is the technical force behind design, development and operations of the DC Health Link solution.  In just seven months, with a team of  15 technical staff working closely with DCHBX business stakeholders, IdeaCrew helped build the nation’s most successful Individual and Small Business Health Options (SHOP) healthcare enrollment solution.  This is in comparison to other attempts taking years, involving hundreds of people and costing tens of millions.

“We’re able to deliver seamless access to healthcare benefits, and we’ve learned to do it better, quicker and cheaper than the big guys without downtime,” said Dan Thomas, CEO and Founder of IdeaCrew.  “If you’re a public agency or large employer managing benefits, and looking for an exchange system that can connect disparate systems and manage for quality data, IdeaCrew has the demonstrated experience providing a superior solution using a fraction of the resources and time.”

Clear Choices is a multi-stakeholder advocacy campaign, representing patients, providers, insurers, employers, and life science companies, designed to promote health care transparency and offer better comparison shopping tools for consumers.