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IdeaCrew’s Digital Playbook

One of today’s most pervasive IT project challenges is uncertainty. Uncertainty that the project will meet business goals, or that it will be delivered on-time, or on-budget.

IdeaCrew’s leadership, advised by over 35 years of practice, have refined business driven processes that bring predictability to our projects. Our Digital Playbook codifies these practices:

  • Understand the big picture: know the client’s strategic goals as context for conducting the project and delivering services
  • Assign the right crew: appoint a project leader and crew members with experience and skills matched to the project
  • Engage stakeholders as co-developers: communicate with end users and subject matter experts, collaborating on development activity designs, prototypes, and reviews
  • Use the right technology: select technology components appropriate to project contours, including: development time, execution speed, code maintainability, and ongoing support
  • Build technology with ‘good bones’: assure that planned solution is fit for purpose, and that activities, processes and software comply with specifications in a verifiable way
  • Deliver early and often: develop in short cycles, with each iteration delivering software useful to stakeholders
  • Expect change: adapt and revisit project scope priorities as business needs change

Our Digital Playbook helps reduce risk and bring predictability to technology development.  For IdeaCrew’s clients, this translates into superior solutions, delivered within committed timeframes and budgets.