The District of Columbia’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) develops, implements, and maintains the District’s technology infrastructure. IdeaCrew provided the leadership that helped OCTO implement DCStat and CapStat, two enterprise programs designed to support the Mayor’s neighborhood services and public safety initiatives.  For DCStat and CapStat, the IdeaCrew team defined strategy, prepared funds-securing prototypes, and led system design, software development, infrastructure implementation, and operations.

DCStat Project.  Like many municipalities, the District faced challenges accessing and visualizing information effectively, anticipatively seeing patterns and tracking dynamic conditions in real time. The integrated technology solution to these challenges became the DCStat program. DCStat assimilates data from the District’s 65-plus agencies and presents intelligence in real time.

Both a technology system and business process, DCStat provides key, timely information that enables executive managers to be more data-driven, customer-focused and accountable. DCStat works by collecting data from the District’s 65-plus agencies, assimilates this into actionable intelligence and presents it real time using GIS maps, charts, reports, alert notifications, and executive briefings and dashboards. The system also drives DC Citywide data warehouse, which streams city operational data to the Internet.

The DCStat program gained national attention, launching the first real time government open data feed to the Internet on June 12, 2006.  The program helped spawn the government open data movement, and received industry recognition through several awards:

  • NASCIO 2006 Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Information Technology in State Government
  • 2006 Best of Web, Government to Government
  • URISA 2005 Exemplary Systems in Government Award
  • 2005 Intelligent Enterprise Award

CapStat Project. CapStat, a DHS-funded, cross-jurisdiction proof-of-concept grew out of the DCStat success. CapStat demonstrated the ability integrate public safety and emergency response data to aid in emergency situations across Washington, DC and the surrounding 17 counties in Virginia and Maryland that comprise the National Capital Region.

IdeaCrew designed CapStat to link separate and independent IT and emergency management systems using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), SOA, GIS, enterprise search and interoperable Web service technologies. These technologies work together using NIEM vocabulary standards to connect Emergency Operation Centers, move data between jurisdictions, transform data, perform search functions, provide intelligent routing, create seamless maps, send automatic alerts and query data feeds. The CapStat system success led to it becoming the reference architecture for the National Capital Region (NCR) Interoperability project.