Health Connector for Small Business

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the DC Health Benefit Exchange, the Massachusetts Health Connector is using the DC Health Link online platform for its small business offering. IdeaCrew is implementing the solution, creating a solution architecture that offers the potential for expansion to other products or lines of business. Massachusetts benefits from new Health Connector options that expand employee choice and both partners benefit from new online tools and lower operational costs.

The system is more than a clone of DC’s already successful small business exchange. No one solution fully fits all, and every state, every business goal, every exchange offers its own requirements and challenges. For example, Massachusetts has unique and complex plan management and premium rating requirements, including support for a full range of employer insurance options, from sole source to employee choice. But many elements of DC’s successful solution were transferrable – from easily customizable modular software to the powerful AWS cloud infrastructure both exchanges run on.

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