IdeaCrew’s health exchange technology is the only solution in the market that was designed exclusively of Exchanges, by Exchanges, and for Exchanges.

Health insurance has traditionally been regulated by states, because the states know best the characteristics of their local marketplaces. To be sustainable, any Exchange technology solution needs to be nimble enough to account for the conditions of local markets and the evolving priorities of local leaders. There is no such thing as an Exchange-in-a-box.

IdeaCrew’s approach leverages core functionality common to all Exchanges that has been in production since 2015 and continuously improved since then. You don’t have to pay for that. It’s right here. Our synergistic approach also embraces the local nature of health insurance.

  • Each Exchange solution is tailored to the unique characteristics of the marketplace, as defined by state leaders.
  • Our Agile software development life cycle engages agency staff as co-creators of the system, starting with joint application design (JAD)
  • We engage the staff in iterative user testing, which can be expanded to customer pilot test groups (e.g., brokers, assisters, carriers) at each phase.
  • We align the development work to iterative development sprints based on business priorities.
  • We deliver functionality into production farearlierthanotherdevelopment