IdeaCrew is a services company. Our specialty is customizing our code base to meet unique state requirements. We also operate and maintain the system. Our experience working with Exchanges has taught us that there is no such thing as an “exchange in a box.” For best results, states should tailor the code to their unique policies, customer service needs, and system integration requirements.


Our Exchange technology solution is open source code. Accordingly, there are no software license fees. Because Federal grant dollars paid for the code base, we won’t charge you to use it. It’s right here. If a state wants to change vendors or bring work in house, it’s easier to do so because the code is not proprietary.


We use a lean Agile development approach that enlists the Exchange staff as “co-creators” of the technology. That means we extend the code to meet your specifications so it works just as you need it to work.


We are cloud experts. Both the DC and MA exchanges are hosted in the AWS cloud. The DC Exchange has won two Amazon City on the Cloud Innovation Awards: 2016 winners and 2018 winners. AWS also used the DC Exchange for a case study, based on our cloud work: DC case study.


Our technology is the only built-to-purpose solution on the market. We did not take another product and adapt it for Exchange work. Rather, we built it with Exchange staff, for use exclusively with Exchanges. Moreover, all of the enhancements we have added since we first deployed it in 2015 are yours without additional charge.


The IdeaCrew Team is expert at transitioning exchanges and their customers to new systems.

IdeaCrew has brought 20 health and dental carriers onto our platform.

We’ve led 4 major data conversion projects, including a complex mid-plan year conversion project with Massachusetts.

And, we’ve supported two states through the full CMS review and approval process.

We are your open source marketplace solution.