IdeaCrew technology powers the Health Connector 4 Business platform in Massachusetts (also known as SHOP). Massachusetts created the first health insurance exchange in the nation and is the model for the ACA.

When it decided to replace its legacy SHOP technology vendor, the Connector went through two traditional procurements and an extensive nation-wide analysis of state partnership offers before settling on the IdeaCrew solution through a partnership with the DC Exchange.

IdeaCrew successfully developed and deployed a fully customized small group platform for Massachusetts in just 5 months. Using an Agile process that heavily engaged stakeholders with both the District and Massachusetts Exchanges, IdeaCrew phased in functionality, first with a soft-launch and then full-system go live, which led to a drama-free, cost-effective implementation.

Today, Massachusetts and DC share the same basic SHOP platform, with customizations unique to each marketplace. Under a first-in-the-nation shared services agreement, the two Exchanges share operations and maintenance costs, leading to a better deal not only on technology, but also for other essential services such as call center operations, customer relationship management, premium billing and aggregation services, and training.