What We Do

IdeaCrew is a full-service technology company, building modern enterprise software, web applications and mobile solutions for public and private sector clients.  Founded in 2002, IdeaCrew’s innovative and disruptive thinking has helped our clients do amazing things. IdeaCrew services include:

  • Management consulting
  • Technology strategic planning
  • Enterprise architecture design
  • System integration
  • Application software development
  • Cloud engineering and operations
  • Data analytics, reporting and visualization

At IdeaCrew, we know a dozen wrong ways, and one right way, to deliver effective technology services. IdeaCrew’s methods bring predictability and high productivity solutions using lean principles:

  • See the whole
  • Build integrity in
  • Respond to change
  • Iterative and incremental development
  • Always on/always improving.

These tenets—applied in concert with IdeaCrew’s business-centered, agile development methods—reduce risk and result in a predictable technology solution deliverable, cost and time frame

Delivering Services Using IdeaCrew’s Agile Playbook

IdeaCrew Services Delivery Digital Playbook

One of the most pervasive IT project challenges is uncertainty. IdeaCrew’s drives service delivery using lean principles and business-centered, Agile development methods.  A pillar in our Digital Playbook, this approach helps reduce risk and bring predictability to technology development.  For our clients, these methods produce superior technology solutions, within committed timeframes and costs.

Many technical teams develop systems using a Waterfall process. Waterfall is predicated upon knowing all system requirements up front. Significant time may elapse (many months typically) between documenting requirements, software coding and system delivery. The serial nature of Waterfall, combined with lengthy time periods between collecting business needs and software delivery, results in a process that’s remarkably rigid and inflexible to change, posing risk for delays, cost overruns and poor system behavior should the developer interpret requirements incorrectly or incompletely, or business changes occur.

IdeaCrew practices an Agile development method to overcome many of Waterfall’s downsides.

Under IdeaCrew’s Agile development services method, system requirements are rapidly prototyped to describe initial ideas and the requirements are provided to stakeholders as mock-ups. Agile software development service cycles are iterative, with time periods between gathering Use Case requirements and releasing software measured in periods of weeks. Larger projects are broken down into two or more iteration cycles, each culminating in delivery of useful software for system stakeholders.

IdeaCrew conducts system design and development in transparent manner, with stakeholders participating as co-developers. Our development workbench applies a number of technologies to provide our clients high visibility during system development activities and enable collaboration between team members.

With over 35 years of practice, IdeaCrew’s technology leaders have refined a business driven software development process that brings predictability to technology. Our clients enjoy the assurance of delivery of a production system that fulfills business needs on-schedule and within budget.

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